Our medium-light metalwork factory in San Vito di Leguzzano, Vicenza, processes steel (mainly STAINLESS) to produce structural work elements, complete plants and components, which, if requested, our technicians can assemble and add to the client’s production lines.

Our services for all sectors.

Our metalwork processes are ordered by companies that operate in various sectors, from chemical-pharmaceutical to building, energy, paper, food, textiles and others.

We produce tanks, vats, piping, exchangers, complete plants and many other elements.

A made-to-measure place.

Designed also to carry out multiple processes during the same period, our factory ensures production that is always precise, of excellent quality and punctual.

At Teck +, the workstations can be combined according to working needs and the size of the products, so that maximum flexibility with work organisation is always guaranteed.




Water purification



Our work goes beyond simple execution.

The medium-light metalwork carried out by TECK + is destined for all industrial sectors, but we also work for private and public projects, which require various types of made-to-measure articles.
We examine the drawings and, where requested, we carry out an inspection to analyse the environment and determine the sizes and other particulars of the ordered element. After this, we evaluate how to continue with the work to be done, and we remain at the client’s disposal if comparisons have to be made with projects or work.
The company also controls quality during production and before delivery.
There’s something more, though: we always stay in touch with our clients if they need consultancy and technical assistance.

Your project is as important to us as it is to you.

Production times and costs vary according to the project, but some characteristics are constant, and always included in the price: the quality of the raw materials, the precision of the processing and the punctuality of delivery, even for tailor-made projects.
These elements are essential for us at TECK + because we know the requirements and work of our clients, we know how important it is not to waste time, to keep everything under control, to respect deadlines and optimise costs. This is why we always work without taking anything for granted, with the goal of satisfying our clients and always being ready for anything.

At TECK + we have always been used to talking with our clients and knowing what they need down to the last detail. Only this way can we supply a complete service and a product that perfectly respects the request made.

This is TECK +: a company, a team and professionals you can always count on.

Call use and we can work out the details of the job to be done together!