A young and resourceful company, TECK + in San Vito di Leguzzano, Vicenza, is a blend of past and present, where a team of professionals works every day to create steel elements and structures.
We are the perfect compromise between experience and innovation, because experienced technicians work at TECK +. They are people who have been processing steel for years and who believe in change, the use of cutting-edge techniques to produce solutions that are always better, taking less time than in the past, and reducing waste.

Our secret lies in a +.

At TECK + we mainly work with type 304 and type 316 STAINLESS steel: this is our strong point because we are among the most qualified production realities to treat them. It’s also one of the reasons why we have become a reference company in north-east Italy, with orders coming from all over the world.
Our clients can always count on us: we are punctual when it comes to answering, and when carrying out modifications and revisions. We pay attention to detail and manage work efficiently.
Did we write our own references? No, we base ourselves on the trust that our clients have always placed in us, our products and skills, but also in the professionalism and enthusiasm that we put into this job every day.

Our guarantee? The high quality of the raw materials we use.

TECK + carries out medium-light metalwork, using carefully selected raw materials. To produce elements that are resistant, long-lasting and excellent quality, the materials we use are certified and accompanied by the perfect guarantee: our suppliers, mainly Italian, who we consider to be not only interlocutors, but also collaborators. We have been using the same suppliers for years because we know how they work, and we are sure of the origins and quality of their raw materials.

The TECK + headquarters: answering an expanding market.

Thanks to the space we have for processing steel and for storage, we not only produce small- and medium-sized metalwork, but can also produce large-sized structured pieces, so we can satisfy the requirements of big companies, too.
Managing work efficiently and organising spaces increase our flexibility, so we can make pieces of different types and sizes.

Services and quality control: working with experience and precision.

We process STAINLESS steel, we produce and assemble plants, when

requested we deliver and install on-site, we offer our advice on design and the job to be carried out by carefully analysing technical drawings and documents. We are always available, and even our highly qualified technicians are always there to supply punctual assistance.
We are proud to point out another of our important services: quality control, which we always carry out on the raw materials and the finished products during production and before delivery.

Come visit us at San Vito di Leguzzano, Vicenza: contact TECK + and we’ll talk about your projects!